It’s very easy to import data from any RSS Feed but for this implementation, we will be focusing on CNN’s RSS Feed Data. In this sample, we are using the RSS feed for the political data. So let's get started.

We first need to import few basic libraries like request, Beautiful Soup, and pandas. We will be using pandas for persisting data into data frame or CSV

We will be defining two different functions out here. cnn_news_scrapper function is used in order to scrape data using beautiful soup. …

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IMDB data is most sought after when it comes to machine learning. People build recommendation systems, classifiers, and many other ML algorithms and tools on top of it. In this post, we will use Beautiful Soup to scrape data from IMDB.

First, we need to import Beautiful Soup along with some other packages.

This application needs to download IMDB data from a large number of IMDB URLs. …

The availability of a large amount of data and easy access to technology has created a revolution in the field of Machine Learning and AI. In this blog, we discuss a paper which talks about the various uses of such technology. We talk about various Generative Adversarial Networks and their application in manipulation and swapping people’s faces. We also talk about the various potential way of using such techniques as well as detecting such images/videos. We will also be showcasing the various results that are available in the paper. …

Check if the variable is a Function

This is an interesting and a pretty simple question. I did figure out few ways in which you can include this into your library. There are various ways to identify if the variable is a function. We will look for two different ways of achieving this out.

  • Easiest and Best way
  • function foo(v) {if (v instanceof Function) {/* do something */} };
  • Next best way to do this
  • function foo(v) {if (typeof v === “function”) {/* do something */} };
  • The way I prefer
  • function isFunction(functionToCheck) { var getType = {}; return functionToCheck && === ‘[object Function]’; }

Now these are the various flows using which one can easily determine

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Introduction to Nuxt

Nuxt is a framework which borrows the ideas from Next.js and proves to be a universal framework for Vue.js applications. Nuxt helps you to create a variety of applications ranging from Static Generated Vue.js Applications to the Server Rendered Vue.js applications. It comes with a lot of middle ware and layouts that can help anyone to get started without hassle. We can explore Nuxt further by evaluating the components that come into picture while we work with it. Nuxt includes the development ecosystem which contains the following.

  1. Vue 2.x
  2. Vue-Router
  3. Vuex
  4. Vue-Meta

There are various features which one should look…

Reducing an array using a function against an accumulator from left to right is the use of the reduce(), It’s useful in a situation where you have a lot of calculations to be done across an array and reduce it out to a single value. In this case, it is good to remember that the accumulator starts with the value of zero and then carries forward the resultant values. Let’s see this in action.

Summing up Numbers in Array using Reduce()

A simple array as shown contains numbers which when acted upon with the function and accumulator results in the sum of all the numbers together. Note that the accumulator is 0 when we start the process.You can see this in action below:-

Flattening a list of elements in an array using Reduce()

Flattening is mostly required in various places where we want to perform some operations in the list of lists and proceed with one single result. …

What is Storybook

I have constantly been hearing about the Storybook with the React Ecosystem. It’s a commonplace where the Developers and Designers can come together and collaborate in order to build complex applications on the go. It helps to keep each component in one place and lets any developer edit that component as well as help them to enrich them. It’s a living style guide as well.

After such a buzz about the Storybook for React, I felt to go ahead and try out the new Storybook which is available for the Vue.js. …

Building Spinkit Loading Component with Vue2.x

Spinkit is a set of simple loading animation spinners which use only CSS3. Spinkit has a set of 11 animations at present. Most of these are pretty trending and are used in a variety of websites. Since Spinners are used as a loading symbol in most of the places, it’s good to have a Vue2.x Component in order to make it. This particular tutorial utilizes a variety of thing that we have already considered in other articles for example Data Binding and Create Lifecycle Event. The way we will build it out is pretty simple.

  1. We will extract the CSS…

Badge/Pill Component using Vue.2x and Bootstrap 4

Be it be Badge or a Pill, they are required in most of the places and play a major role in any application. So let’s create one single component just like Todo, using the styles from Bootstrap 4 and create a Badge component which will take several parameters in order to add additional behavior. We will also add up bi-directional data binding in order to make it fully data driven. Our Badge component will have three properties namely

  1. text — Name of the pill that will be displayed using this property
  2. pillStyle — The various Bootstrap 4 styles can be…

Determining whether an array contains a given data point or value can be easily done using javascript Function called includes(). This function is a generic function and works with any array like objects. It intern returns a boolean value determining whether the value is present or not.

Finding whether an element exists in an Array

A simple example for using include is as follows, there can be nothing simpler as such.

You can see how the array of numbers can be used to test what is being included in the array. This way it returns back a boolean value telling us whether something exists in the array or not.

Finding whether an element exists in a specified index

In certain cases when we want to see whether there is a data point on a specific index. Let’s have a look at how we can check this out.

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